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Oberer's Flowers roots did not begin with flowers, but vegetables 

Oberer's Flowers beginning goes back to the 1890s when Carl Oberer, an immigrant from Germany bought a plot of land north of Dayton on Troy Pike and started growing vegetables. He grew lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and sold them at market in downtown Dayton. This was called "truck gardening" which contrary to common belief has nothing to do with trucks at all. An old meaning of the word "truck", derived from the French word torquer, is "to barter or exchange". It wasn't long before Carl gained a reputation for having the best tasting vegetables in the city.

The Carl Oberer homestead 1904 Located on RR 4 (Now Troy Street)

   Along with the produce Carl and his family grew flowers that were also sold at market. As time went on and his family grew, he found that people couldn't get enough flowers and they sold in larger quantities be than the vegetables. In 1921 the decision was made to clear the fields and start erecting greenhouses for the purpose of solely growing flowers. The family studied growing flowers and learned the trade of flower designing, and by 1922 Oberer's Truck garden came to an end and Oberer's Flowers was born.

Oberer's Flowers since 1922

The original flower shop showroom built 1922

   By the 1920s Oberer's Flowers was in full swing. As the business grew the whole family became involved. The three sons, Gerhard, Roy and Carl along with their sisters, Caroline, Viola, Matilda and Alma all had their duties. As they married, their spouses and children would become involved in growing the business, and grow it certainly did!  Year after year, customer after customer, Oberer's became the leading florist in Dayton.


Oberer's Flowers Today


Today Oberer's Flowers has grown past its original Dayton boundries with new locations not only in Dayton but also in Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis and Louisville, becoming a top national leader in the industry, but we didn't become the 5th largest florist in the United States because it's what we set out to do. It's the direct result of what happens when a single customer recommended to a friend that they buy flowers from Mr. Oberer back in 1921. We've never forgotten the power of a single customer, and that's why you can be certain that we'll handle your order the way we handled our very first. Like it's our most important!