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The Goldfish Plant

(Columnea rubra)

The Goldfish Plant, native to South America, has beautifully shiny forest green oval leaves. The lightly distributed blooms are small and orange, resembling of little goldfish. The plant loves high humidity and very bright indirect light.

This plant is planted in Italian Terra-cotta. The porous pot and its saucer, which can be filled with water, helps keep the humidity level high. The plant enjoys being outside in the summertime.



How to care for your Goldfish plant

LIGHT: A brightly lit spot away from direct sun is just right (near bright east or south window).

TEMPERATURE: 55 to 85F. Can tolerate 50 degrees without damage.

WATER: The Goldfish plant likes to be kept moist but can get a little dry between waterings in winter. Leaves enjoy frequent misting if possible.

HUMIDITY: High to very high.

FERTILIZATION: Fertilize sparingly, especially in winter.

PROPAGATION: Take 8 - 10 cm tip cuttings in early spring. Insert cuttings into moist vermiculite and place in bright filtered light. Water enough to keep the vermiculite barely moist while rooting occurs. In about four weeks the cuttings should be ready to be moved into the standard potting mix. Transplant several cuttings into one pot for a really good display.

COMMON PROBLEMS: The Goldfish plant loves high humidity. This is sometimes difficult to achieve in the winter months. Flowering will be at its best in spring if the plant is kept cooler and drier during the winter months.